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Lonzo's custom T's and Long sleeves photo galleries!
Lonzo's Custom Apparrel. Look good and feel good in Lonzo's Custom T's, Long Sleeves, and Jackets too!
Lonzo's Custom calls. Learn more about why you should be hunting with some of the finest friction calls available online. Lonzo's custom calls!
Learn why you should be hunting with Lonzo's Custom Calls
Lonzo's custom calls: Product line up. Lonzo has a wide variety of calls to satisfy anyone's taste.  Click here to Shop Now!
Lonzo's Custom Calls Product line. Lonzo's Custom Calls come in a variety of Acrylics and woods, both exotic and domestic

Lonzo's Custom Calls: Product Line up of top quality handmade Turkey Calls!

Lonzos Custom Turkey calls come in a variety of styles, and materials to accomadate a wide range of tastes. Rest assured my friend. No matter what style or material you are drawn to, one thing will remain the same. My Turkey calls will perform for you in an outstanding fashion. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it! So what are you waiting for? Isn't it about time you seriously up your chances of taking home that trophy gobbler? With one of Lonzo's floozies in your hands, I don't see how you can go wrong. Make that next gobbler beat a path straight to you!

Introducing Lonzo's Acrylic calls!
Why not be the first to get one! This product line is brand new. I currently offer Black Acrylic, Clear Acrylic, and Laminated Acrylic. Not only do these Acrylic Turkey calls look great, they are easy to play as well!

Clear Acrylic call with engraving

"Clear Acrylic Call with Turkey fan engraving"

Black Acrylic with Turkey fan engraving

"Black Acrylic with Turkey fan engraving"

Inlaid Acylic call Aluminum

"Black Acrylic call with Copper inlay"

Inlaid Acrylic call Gold and Silver

"Black Acrylic call with Gold and Silver inlay"

Black and Yellow laminated Acrylic call

"Black and Yellow laminated Acrylic call"

Lonzo's exotic wood Turkey calls!
Lonzo's wood Turkey calls come in a huge variety of woods and all are custom made to order. No two calls are exactly alike. All of my Turkey calls are signed, cataloged, and numbered. I offer a variety of customizing options to fill any request. These wood Turkey calls by Lonzo are beautiful to look at, easy to play, and sound great too. Don't be left behind. Get your Lonzo's Custom Call today, and see why everyone loves my custom Turkey Calls!

Birdseye maple slate custom call Front and Back

"Birdseye Maple custom call"

Lonzo's Bocote custom call

"Bocote custom call"

Cocobolo custom call by Lon Trice

"Cocobolo custom call"

Curly Koa custom Turkey call

"Curly Koa custom call"

Figured Black Walnut custom call by Lonzo

"Figured Black Walnut custom call"

Goncalo Alvez custom call

"Goncalo Alvez custom call"

Lonzo's Honey Locust custom call

"Honey Locust custom call"

Laminted Pink Ivory and Zircote custom call

"Laminated Pink Ivory and Zircote call"

Laminated Purple Heart and Yellow Heart custom turkey call

"Laminated Purple Heart and Yellow Heart"

Anodized Aluminum Osage Orange custom call

"Anodized Aluminum Osage Orange"

Pau Ferre Custom call by Lon Trice

"Pau Ferre custom call"

Engraved Annodized Aluminum Splated Pecan Custom call

"Engraved Aluminum Spalted Pecan"

Zebrawood Aluminum custom call by lonzo

"Zebrawood custom Turkey call"

Lonzo's custom turned strikers

"Lonzo's custom turned strikers"

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